The Star Watch Crew has had a very exciting few weeks out in the Weaverville, Reems Creek area of North Carolina. That's just 15 minutes north of downtown, for those of you visiting us from other areas. Although we always see strange and exciting things in our night sky, we had a really cool sighting of an unknown object on June 3rd, which we were able to capture on video, thanks to our tour guide Nate Cibek. A very bright, low flying light caught the attention of veteran guide, Bernard, who then pointed it out to our guests and crew. The object had no navigational lights, and made no noise. It appeared very low in the sky, traveling at, and at times, below cloud cover. You can hear us discussing how low it appears in the video. The cloud cover in the valley was very low that night, and we were quite excited as we watched the object become bigger and brighter, then shrink back down to it's original size several times. It has been suggested by some astronomers that this was the ISS, and it certainly could have been. There are only a few problems with this possibility. The first being that the ISS travels about 250 miles above the Earth, and this thing appeared to be moving beneath the clouds at times. If it was the ISS, then what a sighting eh? It certainly gave us a thrill. The second problem is timing. I reported the object several days later to NUFORC and other UFO data collecting sites out there, as passing by about 11 p.m. , which would make it possible that it was the space station, but in actual fact, we have no idea of the precise time of the flyover. We were on the ground from about 9:30 to 11:30 that night. I put the sighting close to the end of our tour, others suggest it was earlier. So, we have a true mystery on our hands!  Check out our video and judge for yourself :)