Last night, we had an amazing sighting on tour! We began the evening concerned that the full moon would throw too much light across the sky for excellent sky viewing, but we were pleasantly surprised that the moon was conveniently shrouded in small puffy clouds for much of the evening, while the rest of the sky remained clear.

My guest and I were looking out to the west, both using goggles, when we saw a very bright light traveling towards us from the west. I called everyone's attention to the object. It was very bright, and had no navigational lights, and made no sound. Just as we were all looking at the object it disappeared completely......just turned off.....just as another object came in from the right almost at the same time, or just seconds before the first object blinked off (my guest remembers having both objects at the same time in her view)! We followed the second very bright light as it moved across the sky directly in front of us. Again, it seemed close. While we were watching it in wonder of what it might be, it simply turned off never to reappear.  I describe it this way, because we will often see satellites that illuminate the sky and then fade out as they move away from, or out of the sun's reflective rays. This is not what we saw. These were also not fireflies, or lightening bugs. So, we have another mystery in Weaverville! 

This is just a bit of the excitement we get out on tour nightly!