In recent weeks, we have experienced some afternoon thunderstorms and clouds. As a result, we have come up with a policy that allows our guests to travel all the way out to our closest location for just a $10 gratuity charge per adult (if the tour cancels due to clouds). The ticket cost is completely refunded minus this small fee to help cover our costs. If the weather does not cooperate with us, you still get to use the goggles briefly to see how amazing they are! Of course, if the sky does clear and we have a tour, no additional cost is incurred by our guests.....unless you would like to tip your guide;) Taxes are not charged, and gratuities are not included in your cost! 

The GREAT news is that on 5 of the 6 most recent tours, the clouds have parted for us, and we have had amazing tours!  So, don't let the clouds scare you away.......our team has a plan, and we are ready to entertain you! With our equipment, you will see things you will never see again in your lifetime, without this amazing gear!! Please don' hesitate to call us, for a night-time adventure of a lifetime!!