Star Watch Night Vision Tours

The Ultimate Night Sky Viewing Experience!

 We would like to welcome you to a unique night-time adventure.  Star Watch Tours is one of only a very few night vision tour businesses in the United States, and the only one we know about on the East Coast!  Using our equipment, you will be able to see things impossible to see with the naked eye. With Gen 3 Night Vision Goggles, you can literally see in the dark! On a clear night, you will see too many stars to count, satellites, shooting stars with spectacular tails, and yes you will see objects we just aren't able to identify. 

If you have a fascination with the stars, would like to search for unidentified objects, or just want to have a unique once in a lifetime stargazing experience, then Star Watch Tours is for you!  Experience extreme adventure without hiking or climbing. Our tours are perfect for people of all ages. It is perfect for couples, small groups, private parties, and family reunions!  

Whenever possible, we cater our tour to your needs. Call us today 828-989-0015 to schedule your extreme stargazing experience!